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Solid tires are suitable for low-speed, high-load operation, industrial vehicle tires. It has long service life, high safety coefficient, good wear resistance, tear resistance, fatigue resistance, maintenance-free characteristics and widely used in various industrial vehicles, engineering machinery, port, airport, railway and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises and various flat and trailer vehicles in areas such as cargo handling workplace.

Skid Steer Solid Tire Manufacturers

Zhejiang Tongchao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is professional China Solid Tire manufacturers and OEM/ODM Skid Steer Solid Tire factory, we offer wholesale Skid Steer Solid Tire for sale online. Our products cover a wide range of industries including train & railway, automobile & truck, construction machinery, mining machinery, forklift, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, petroleum machinery, construction, valve and pumps, electric machine, hardware, power equipment and so on. Welcome to choose our products!