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The use of railway rubber crossing boards

Railway rubber crossing plate rubber inlaid crossing plate is suitable for railway, highway level crossing, urban light rail ring line level crossing, as well as station platform, station baggage car aisle, freight yard, vehicle depot maintenance workshop inside and outside special lines, enterprises, Mine special railway, highway level crossing. The paving panel adopts a new formula and is synthesized by adding nylon inlay or meridian. The rubber surface is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-strength, compression-resistant, impact-resistant, and has good insulation effect. Standardized design and manufacture, strong interchangeability, simple installation and convenient laying. Because the rubber carcass has excellent shock absorption, vehicles and pedestrians pass smoothly, quickly and safely, and routine maintenance and repairs can be avoided.
There are rim grooves on the rubber crossing plate, and the special railway road studs are bolted to the sleepers. The integrity is good, the appearance is beautiful and comfortable, and it is convenient for cleaning and management. The overall sealing effect is excellent, non-slip and moisture-proof, and the surface can be kept dry in rainy and snowy weather. The rubber inlaid junction board replaces the original reinforced concrete pavement board, and has the characteristics of strong force, shock resistance, good insulation performance, wear resistance, less deformation after repeated compression, high strength, aging resistance, no mud turning, and long service life. , The simulation is increased from 150,000 times to 450,000 times, and the service life is as long as 10-15 years, which meets the requirements of railway speed increase and environmental protection. Using it can improve the transportation capacity of motor vehicles, reduce the number of crossing maintenance, and avoid traffic accidents caused by motor vehicles stalling. It is worthy of promotion and application in terms of safety, economy, environmental protection and social benefits.
The production and promotion of rubber crossing board products has changed the old and backward paving materials such as asphalt, slate and steel plates that have been used in railway and highway level crossings for a long time, and changed the backward state of uneven crossings, frequent accidents and frequent maintenance in one fell swoop. The laying of many crossings, its practical and beautiful environmental protection, fast installation practicability, and firm and solid safety are increasingly prominent. Pressure resistance, wear resistance, easy installation, firm contact with the road, no impact and noise when the vehicle passes through. And the construction is relatively simple.