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How to check tires?

Tire Care and Maintenance
Shallow tread:
Bare tires can slip on the road and can be damaged by potholes in the road. The tread grooves must be at least 1.6mm deep, if not, the tire must be replaced.
To help you see tread problems:
The tire tread pattern groove has a built-in "TWI tread wear indicator". These are smooth bumps in the tread grooves: when the tread wears down to the "tread wear mark", the tire needs to be replaced immediately.
Little trouble:
Check for small stones, shards of glass, metal pieces and other foreign matter that have penetrated the tread, and clean them up carefully. If you embed them deeper while you're driving, it can cause serious problems.
1. If your car has a spare tire, please replace the damaged tire with a spare tire, and send your car to a professional Giti service station for inspection as soon as possible.
2. Tread perforations with a diameter of 6 mm and below can be repaired. Tread punctures with a diameter greater than 6 mm or any sidewall punctures, and tires with a remaining groove depth of less than 1.6 mm after pattern wear cannot be repaired, otherwise they will become safe. hidden danger.
Check the appearance of the tire: whether the carcass has cuts or nails
The main reason: the tire tread is pierced by sharp objects, nails
? Impact on tires: there is a safety hazard
Check the appearance of the tire: whether the carcass has a bulge