6.00-9 28kg High Safety Wear Resistance Solid Tire For 2Tons Forklift Custom

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6.00-9 28kg High Safety Wear Resistance Solid Tire For 2Tons Forklift
Forklift solid tire

6.00-9 28kg High Safety Wear Resistance Solid Tire For 2Tons Forklift

Solid tires is a suitable low-speed, high-load operation, industrial vehicle tires. Its long service life, high safety coefficient, good wear resistance, tear resistance, fatigue resistance, maintenance-free characteristics and widely used in various industrial vehicles, engineering machinery, port, airport, railway and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises and various flat and trailer vehicles in areas such as cargo handling workplace.

Size :
4.00-8;15x41/2-8; 5.00-8; 16×6-8; 18×7-8; 21×8-9; 23×9-10; 27×10-12; 6.00-9; 6.50-10; 200/50-10; 7.00-9; 7.00-12;7.00-15 ; 7.50-16; 8.25-15; 8.25-12; 8.15-15; 8.25-20; 7.50-20; 250-15 ; 9.00-16; 300-15; 28×12.5-15; 32×12.1-15; 9.00-20; 10.00-20; 11.00-20; 12.00-20;14.00-24

Tyre character:
1, anti-resistance tread design with excellent traction performance and durability;
2, the unique tread formulations to improve the wear resistance and life of the tire;
3, strengthen the sidewall, the shoulder design increases the life of the tire.

Technical Information:
1.Conforms to all Tire and Rim Association Standards
2.Soft Ride, Euro Profile Available in Black and Non-Marking White
3.3-layer compound Construction design for No Flats.
4.Cushion Center and Concave Sidewalls Reduce Heat & Vibration for a Soft Ride & Long Life
5.Steel Reinforced Base Maintains Absolute Rim Fit, and Prevents Spinning
6.Non-marking and click and press on are all available
7.Full range sizes and various pattern,suitable for forklifts, trailers and other transmission machinery.
8.High quality with competitive price and service

Zhejiang Tongchao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.


Excellent product with exquisite craftsmanship

Zhejiang Tongchao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a private enterprise specializing in the production and development of rubber and plastic products. Located in Zhejiang Sanmen Bay, about 100 kilometers away from Ningbo Airport, the traffic is very convenient. The total assets of the enterprise is 100 million RMB, covering an area of 10000 square meters.

Tongchao as China 6.00-9 28kg High Safety Wear Resistance Solid Tire For 2Tons Forklift suppliers and OEM 6.00-9 28kg High Safety Wear Resistance Solid Tire For 2Tons Forklift factory, that offers custom 6.00-9 28kg High Safety Wear Resistance Solid Tire For 2Tons Forklift for sale with wholesale price. With superior technical team and advanced production line, the company has an annual output of 100,000 pieces rubber solid tires, 200,000 sets rubber fenders and 100000 track meters of railway crossing rubber pads. The 6.00-9 28kg High Safety Wear Resistance Solid Tire For 2Tons Forklift products are widely used in steel plant, glass plant, ceramic works, mines, construction, ports, airports, railway construction and military vehicles.

70% of our 6.00-9 28kg High Safety Wear Resistance Solid Tire For 2Tons Forklift products are sold in domestic market, and 30% are exported to Europe, America and other international markets. At present, the company has "CHINA QIYU", "HANUAN TIRE" and other independent brands, and has long-term stable cooperation with domestic famous brand manufacturers (China Railway, CCCG, Hangcha, Lonking and other groups), and has established good cooperative relations.

We are willing to cooperate with enterprises and institutions for common development and make contribution to the development of the world rubber industry. Welcome friends to visit, guide and business negotiation.


When selecting a solid tire for a 2-ton forklift, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key features to look for:
Load capacity: The tire must be able to handle the weight of the forklift and its maximum load capacity. For a 2-ton forklift, the tire should be rated for a load capacity of at least 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg) or more.
Size: The tire must be the correct size for the forklift, and it is essential to check the manufacturer's specifications to ensure that the tire is compatible with the forklift's rim size and overall dimensions.
Tread pattern: The tread pattern should be designed to provide optimal traction on the surfaces the forklift will be operating on, whether that is concrete, asphalt, or other types of flooring. A smooth or ribbed tread pattern is suitable for indoor use, while a more aggressive tread pattern may be needed for outdoor use or rough terrain.
Compound: The compound of the tire should be chosen based on the operating environment. For example, a tire with a harder compound may be more suitable for use on concrete, while a softer compound may be better for use on asphalt.
Durability: The tire must be durable enough to withstand frequent use and heavy loads without suffering punctures or other types of damage. Look for tires with high resistance to cuts, abrasions, and impacts.
Ride comfort: While solid tires are generally stiffer than pneumatic tires, some models are designed to provide a more comfortable ride. Look for tires with features such as a shock-absorbing tread pattern to reduce vibration and noise.
Selecting the right solid tire for a 2-ton forklift requires careful consideration of load capacity, size, tread pattern, compound, durability, and ride comfort. By choosing a tire that is designed for the specific operating environment and conditions, you can ensure optimal performance and safety.

Special diagnosis of wear resistance solid tire
Solid tires, including wear-resistance solid tires, are typically designed to be low-maintenance and require less frequent diagnostic checks than pneumatic tires. However, it's still important to perform regular inspections to ensure that the tires are in good condition and functioning properly. Here are some key areas to check when diagnosing the condition of Wear Resistance Solid Tires:
Treadwear: Inspect the tread pattern to check for signs of uneven wear, damage, or excessive wear. If the tire tread is worn unevenly or excessively, it may indicate that the tire pressure is incorrect or that the load is not distributed evenly.
Cuts and punctures: Check the tire for any cuts, punctures, or other damage that could compromise the integrity of the tire or cause a blowout. These types of damage are more common in outdoor or industrial environments with sharp objects on the ground.
Sidewall damage: Inspect the sidewalls of the tire for any cuts, punctures, or cracks. The sidewalls help to support the weight of the load and keep the tire stable, so any damage in this area should be taken seriously.
Tire pressure: Check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that it is within the manufacturer's recommended range. Low tire pressure can cause excessive wear and may compromise the stability and handling of the forklift.
Balance: If the forklift is experiencing vibration or handling issues, it may indicate that the tire is not balanced properly. In this case, it's important to have the tire inspected and balanced by a professional.
Regular inspections and diagnostic checks can help to ensure that Wear Resistance Solid Tires are functioning properly and that any potential issues are identified and addressed before they become more serious.