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Rubber fenders are primarily used as“bumpers”to absorb collision energy during contact between the vessel and docks (or even other vessels) in the maritime industry. For many, they might not be aware that massive sea vessels are embedded with rubber fenders on the outer surface of the vessel. These fenders are also known by some as rubber buffers. Rubber fenders are also installed on docks. Our products include Cylindrical Fenders, Super Arch Fenders, Super Cone Fenders, SuperCell Fenders, Corner Fenders, D Fenders, GD Fenders,  Ladder Fenders, ME Fenders, Roller Fenders, Square Fenders, Π Fenders, Tugboat Fenders, W Fenders,  etc.


● High energy absorption and low Reaction Force.

● Excellent resistance to atmospheric aging, so they have very good strength and stability.

● The arch shape reduces stress concentrations.
● With shockproof plates at the front, which may reduce surface pressure.

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Excellent product with exquisite craftsmanship

Zhejiang Tongchao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is professional China Rubber fender manufacturers and OEM/ODM Rubber fender factory, we offer wholesale Rubber fender for sale online.

The company has an excellent technical team and advanced production lines, with an annual output of 100,000 solid rubber tires, 200,000 sets of rubber fenders, and 100,000 rail meters of rubber pads for railway crossings. Products are widely used in steel mills, glass factories, ceramic factories, mines, construction, ports, airports, railway construction and military vehicles.

70% of the company's products are sold in domestic market, and 30% are exported to Europe, America and other international markets. At present, the company has "CHINA QIYU", "HANUAN TIRE" and other independent brands, and has long-term stable cooperation with domestic famous brand manufacturers (China Railway, CCCG, Hangcha, Lonking and other groups), and has established good cooperative relations.

We are willing to cooperate with enterprises and institutions for common development and make contribution to the development of the world rubber industry. Welcome friends to visit, guide and business negotiation.

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Excellent product with exquisite craftsmanship

Rubber fender Industry Knowledge Extension

What Is A Rubber Fender?
Rubber fenders are protective devices used to prevent damage to small boats, ships, or other marine vessels when they come into contact with other boats, docks, piers, or other hard structures.
Rubber fenders are usually made of high-quality rubber material, which can absorb impact and reduce the force when it comes into contact with other objects. They are designed to deform and compress when the boat comes into contact with them, which helps minimize damage to the boat and fenders.
Rubber fenders come in many shapes and sizes depending on the application and type of vessel. The most common types of rubber fenders include cylindrical, tapered, and rectangular. They can be mounted on the hull or attached to a dock or pier to create a soft landing spot for the vessel.
Overall, rubber fenders are an important safety feature for ships, helping to protect them from damage during loading, unloading, docking, and other activities. They also help to extend the life of the vessel and reduce maintenance costs by minimizing the need for repairs.

What Are The Products Of Rubber Fender?
Rubber fenders are designed to protect ships, docks, and other structures from damage caused by impact or collision. There are several types of rubber fenders on the market, some common rubber fender products include:
1. Cylindrical fender: This is the most common type of fender and is usually used on smaller boats, tugboats, and barges. They are cylindrical in shape and come in various sizes and lengths.
2. Tapered Fenders: These fenders have a conical shape that provides high energy absorption and low reaction forces. They are commonly used on larger vessels such as container ships, bulk carriers, and tankers.
3. Battery Fenders: These are large fenders that consist of multiple rubber batteries attached to a steel frame. They offer high energy absorption and low reaction forces, making them suitable for large marine structures such as breakwaters and piers.
4. D-Type Fenders: These fenders are shaped like the letter "D" and are used in a variety of applications including dock walls and tugboats.
5. Pneumatic Fenders: These fenders are filled with compressed air and designed to absorb impact. They are commonly used in offshore applications including floating docks and oil platforms.
6. Foam-filled fenders: These fenders are made of a foam core encapsulated in rubber skin. They are lightweight, have good energy absorption properties, and are suitable for use on smaller boats and yachts.
In general, the specific products available for rubber fenders will vary by manufacturer and application, but they are all designed to provide protection and safety to vessels and structures.

Where Are Rubber Fenders Suitable For?
Rubber fenders are suitable for various marine applications where there is a risk of collision or collision between ships or between ships and structures such as piers, docks, or breakwaters. Some common applications where rubber fenders are used include:
1. Ports and ports: Rubber fenders are usually used in ports and ports to protect ships from damage during mooring, berthing, and loading and unloading operations.
2. Offshore oil and gas platforms: Rubber fenders are used to protect oil and gas platforms from damage caused by ships and other structures in contact with the platform in rough seas.
3. Ship-to-ship transfer operations: Rubber fenders are used to protect ships during ship-to-ship transfer operations involving the transfer of cargo or personnel between two ships.
4. Naval ships: Rubber fenders are used on naval ships to protect them during berthing and docking operations.
5. Ferry wharf: The ferry wharf uses rubber fenders to protect the ferry from damage when docked at the wharf.
6. Yachts and cruise ships: Rubber fenders are usually used on yachts and cruise ships to prevent damage to the hull when in contact with docks or other ships.
Overall, rubber fenders are suitable for any offshore application where there is a risk of collision or impact and are an important safety feature to protect ships and marine structures from damage.