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Rubber fenders are primarily used as“bumpers”to absorb collision energy during contact between the vessel and docks (or even other vessels) in the maritime industry. For many, they might not be aware that massive sea vessels are embedded with rubber fenders on the outer surface of the vessel. These fenders are also known by some as rubber buffers. Rubber fenders are also installed on docks. Our products include Cylindrical Fenders, Super Arch Fenders, Super Cone Fenders, SuperCell Fenders, Corner Fenders, D Fenders, GD Fenders,  Ladder Fenders, ME Fenders, Roller Fenders, Square Fenders, Π Fenders, Tugboat Fenders, W Fenders,  etc.


● High energy absorption and low Reaction Force.

● Excellent resistance to atmospheric aging, so they have very good strength and stability.

● The arch shape reduces stress concentrations.
● With shockproof plates at the front, which may reduce surface pressure.