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The firm safety of railway rubber crossing boards is increasingly prominent

The railway rubber crossing board is a special product used for road, railway and level crossing pavement. It is made of rubber as the main raw material, scientific formula, and high-tech production technology. The rubber crossing board meets the requirements of railway speed increase and environmental protection, and the use of it can improve the transportation capacity of motor vehicles.
The production and promotion of railway rubber crossing boards has completely changed the old and backward paving materials such as asphalt, slate and steel plates used for railway and highway level crossings for a long time, and changed the backward state of uneven crossings, frequent accidents and frequent maintenance in one fell swoop. The laying of many crossings in China, its practical and beautiful environmental protection, fast installation practicability, and firm and solid safety are increasingly prominent. Pressure resistance, wear resistance, easy installation, firm contact with the road surface, no impact and noise when the vehicle passes through, and good safety. It is specially formulated with rubber and is jointly developed with the professional design institute of the Ministry of Railways. Adopting high-tech, advanced technology and testing methods, the product quality reaches The leading level of domestic similar products.
Features of railway rubber crossing board:
1. Strong shock absorption, anti-aging, wear resistance, stability, high and low temperature resistance, because this product is made of natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, etc., the product has high elasticity and is not easy to deform at various temperatures or break.
2. Long service life: low maintenance and replacement costs, if there is a quality problem during the warranty period, the manufacturer can repair or replace it free of charge.
Rubber sheet has high hardness. It is a sheet-like product with a certain thickness and a large area obtained by vulcanization with rubber as the main material (which may contain reinforcing materials such as fabric and metal sheet). In the construction industry, prefabricated cement panels are often used in buildings at present. For example, laying rubber panels on the floor can reduce noise and improve the service life of the floor. Rubber sheets can also be used to make various density rubber window strips, which can effectively prevent air leakage and rain leakage. With the development and changes of production and living needs, rubber sheets can be produced in different colors such as black, gray, green, blue, etc. to meet the needs of different enterprises and life.