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Product Quality Control Of Rubber Fenders Is Very Important

With the development of my country's shipping industry, there are more and more demands for wharf and marine fenders, and the requirements for fender performance are also getting higher and higher. Among them, rubber fenders are the most widely used due to their good toughness and impact resistance. At present, there are many manufacturers of rubber fenders in my country, and the products are mixed. In order to survive in the fierce market competition, some manufacturers unilaterally use low-price competition as the main means, do not strictly abide by relevant standards and processes, use low-quality raw materials, or use excessive recycling Glue is used to reduce costs, which brings great hidden dangers to the safety of docks and ship berthing. Relevant experts said that rubber fender manufacturers should strictly implement relevant national standards, and strict technological processes, enhance independent innovation capabilities, continuously improve product quality, and provide reliable and safe products for my country's shipping industry and shipbuilding industry.

It is understood that there are many types of rubber fenders currently on the market, mainly buckling type, inflatable type, laterally loaded cylindrical type (drum type), butt V type (ie X type), and flexible pile type. When designing and producing rubber fenders, manufacturers should consider the reaction force acting on the hull and docking components, the deformation of the fender after absorbing the kinetic energy of the ship, the reaction force acting on the hull caused by fender deformation, the relative stiffness of the fender, The effectiveness of fender energy absorption in non-frontal berthing, the rate at which fenders decelerate the ship's berthing speed, the coefficient of friction between the fender system and the hull, the capital investment and maintenance costs of the fender system and supporting components, the hull There are many factors such as the contact mode with the fender. Users can choose different types of rubber fenders according to the actual situation. Except for tugboats and small ships, large-tonnage ships are generally not equipped with rubber fenders. When berthing, they mainly use inflatable rubber fenders to protect the wharf and hull.

Compared with the shipbuilding industry's marine main engine, ship plate, and other supporting markets, the market capacity of rubber fenders is not very large, and the competition is very fierce. The annual market capacity of rubber fenders in China is more than 2 billion yuan, and there are only 3 or 4 well-known manufacturers, which are mainly oriented to key ports and shipbuilding enterprises. There are many customized products, so the market share is high and the benefits are relatively high good. However, some manufacturers who produce more general-purpose products and have thin profits can only adopt low-price competition strategies, and even use low-quality materials or high proportions of reclaimed rubber in order to reduce costs. More common in many areas. Low-quality rubber fenders are extremely harmful. Not only is the service life short, but once damaged, it will cause serious damage to the wharf and berthing ships.

At present, the standards adopted by my country's solid rubber fenders are "GB/T 21537-2008 Conical Rubber Fenders" and "HG/T 2866-2003 Rubber Fenders", and the standards used for inflatable rubber fenders are "CB-T 3948 Marine Inflatable Rubber Fenders" and ISO17357:2002 "High pressure Floating pneumatic rubber fenders", and filled floating rubber fenders are new products that have only appeared in recent years, and there is no international standard or industry standard yet.

Nowadays, the standards of various rubber fenders in my country are not far behind compared with foreign countries, but the uneven implementation of standards by manufacturers makes the products good and bad, which brings hidden dangers to the development of my country's shipping industry and shipbuilding industry. She said that adding reclaimed rubber to the raw materials can better improve the processing performance and meet the requirements of green environmental protection. As for how much-reclaimed rubber will have an adverse effect on product quality and service life, there is currently no quantitative analysis data, so the use of reclaimed rubber It cannot be simply denied. However, the use of high-quality raw materials is an important basis for ensuring product quality, which is beyond doubt.

Rubber fenders are mainly used in shipbuilding enterprises as safety protection for ship berthing dock outfitting. If the new ship has a collision accident due to the quality of the rubber fenders during the outfitting of the dock, resulting in damage to the hull, the new ship will have to be reworked and repaired or even delayed. Although compared with ports, rubber fenders are not the main production facilities of shipbuilding enterprises, and shipyards also pay more attention to the cost performance of rubber fenders, product quality must not be ignored.

Benchmarking foreign advanced enterprises, strictly implementing the standards, and strengthening the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises is the only way for the rubber fender industry to standardize and sustainably develop. Experts said that my country's rubber fender manufacturers should closely follow the development trend of foreign intelligent fender technology, actively benchmark and adopt foreign advanced standards, enhance independent innovation capabilities, continuously improve product performance, and strive to achieve continuous product upgrades. At the same time, we must be self-disciplined and self-improving, focusing on reducing costs and improving product quality, and refraining from the low-price vicious competition. In addition, under the framework of complying with the relevant agreements and regulations of the World Trade Organization, my country should intensify the revision and implementation inspection of rubber fender standards, increase the publicity of the quality of rubber fenders to the importance of wharf and ship safety, and standardize market order. , so low-quality rubber fenders are difficult to produce and have no market.

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