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Precautions For Injection Molding Of D Type Rubber Fender

The precautions for injection molding of D type rubber fender are as follows:

D-type rubber fender injection molding should adopt the appropriate screw speed, and back pressure, and control the appropriate temperature of the injection machine. Generally speaking, the temperature difference between the outlet rubber and the temperature control cycle is preferably below 30 degrees. The purpose of the injection machine screw is to produce a sufficient amount of rubber material per cycle at a selected uniform temperature; it obviously affects the output of the injection machine. The back pressure is generated by delaying the flow rate of the discharge port in the injection cylinder, which limits the pressing effect of the injection cylinder on the rubber material injected from the injection machine. In fact, the back pressure only slightly increases the shearing of the rubber material and does not cause a decrease in the physical properties of the vulcanized product.

The nozzle has a certain effect on the heat balance. The pressure loss through the nozzle is converted to heat by injection. Therefore, it is very important to select a suitable nozzle diameter, which will affect the frictional heating of the nozzle part, the pressure required when injecting the compound, and the mold filling time. Appropriate mold temperature, and optimal vulcanization conditions. After selecting the optimal ratio of rubber materials, it is important to match the injection molding conditions and vulcanization conditions. Injection molding has a different temperature distribution on the surface and inside of the mold compared to press molding. Therefore, in order to achieve good vulcanization, it is necessary to control the temperature with high precision so that both the surface and inside of the mold can be optimally vulcanized. The high temperature will increase the shrinkage of rubber, but the relationship between the two is linear and needs to be fully estimated before production. In addition, regarding the forming pressure, since pressure and shrinkage have an inverse relationship, high-pressure forming is extremely advantageous.

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