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Misunderstandings That Are Easy To Occur When Using Solid Tires

Compared with parts such as engine, gearbox, and body electronics, solid tires are relatively simple parts of the car. Coupled with its "rough skin and thick flesh" image, we usually don't pay much attention to tires. However, the tire is also the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground. Once there is a problem, it can easily lead to the tragedy of the car crash.

Misunderstandings that are prone to occur when using solid tires:
1.Misunderstandings in selection: tires of the same specification and model are divided into two types for passenger cars and trucks. It is very dangerous to drive at high speed under overload conditions with low-load tires.
2.Not inflated according to regulations: When the tire is inflated too high, the cushioning force of the tire is weakened, the vibration of the locomotive is intensified, the irregular pressure of the tire is increased, the rolling resistance is increased, and the inner tube may even burst when encountering a large impact; If the air pressure is too low, the deformation of the tire will be too large, the rolling resistance will increase, the tire will be prone to heat, aging and damage, and the service life will be shortened.
3..Shifting, starting, and braking too fast: Since the car is running, if the shifting starts too fast, it will not only aggravate the deformation of the carcass, but also cause severe friction between the tread and the ground, especially in the case of unevenness. Or there are sharp thorns, stones, bricks and other roads, especially on the road, and because the car brakes too hard, the car body tends to slide, causing sliding friction between the tires and the ground, and accelerating tire wear.
4.Long-term exposure to sunlight, wind and rain: Long-term exposure to sunlight, wind and rain will cause the tires to deteriorate and shorten their service life. Therefore, when storing the car for a long time, it should be placed in a dry, cool and dark room, and the fuselage should be supported to avoid permanent deformation and aging of the tires.
5.Increase the load of the car at will: Because the car has an approved load capacity when disassembling and assembling tires. If the car is overloaded for a long time, exceeding the designed bearing capacity of the tire, it will often cause early accelerated wear of the tire and premature damage. Therefore, do not arbitrarily increase the load of the car.
 In addition, when using sharp and sharp tools to disassemble and install solid tires, such as using sharp and sharp tools, it is very easy to damage the inner and outer tires, and iron tools cannot be used to knock the carcass indiscriminately. At the same time, note that when disassembling and assembling tires, do not bring sand, lumps, hard objects and oily foreign objects into the tire to prevent puncture or corrosion of the tire.

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