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How To Prevent Forklift Solid Tire Wear?

Forklift solid tires will experience wear after long-term use, some are normal wear, and some abnormal wear will also exist. How to prevent it?

1. When starting, lift the clutch pedal slowly and start smoothly; try to avoid sudden acceleration, sudden braking, and sudden steering during driving. When driving, pay attention to thick, sharp, and sharp materials scattered on the road. When encountering obstacles such as rocks and potholes, slow down to pass or avoid them. Forklift tire specifications are based on the static load generated by the forklift's own weight and cargo weight and the dynamic load generated when the forklift is running, taking into account the road surface and vehicle speed factors; the same axle should be equipped with tires of the same brand, specification, pattern, and layer; when installing patterned tires, Note the wheel roll direction markings.

2. Check and correct the wheel alignment in time to ensure that the toe-in and camber angles meet the design requirements; check whether the rim is cracked, deformed, or corroded. If so, repair or replace the rim in time to ensure that the rim matches the tire; Keep the tire balanced. If it is unbalanced, the dynamic balance test of the wheel should be carried out; the valve exhaust inspection should be carried out frequently to determine whether an oil has entered the tire. There is no oil leakage in the oil seal and brake hydraulic cylinder to prevent oil droplets from falling on the tire and soaking the rubber; the lateral and radial swing of the wheel assembly should meet the requirements.

3. Mastering the load and air pressure standards, keeping the forklift in good technical condition, normal driving, reasonable selection, matching tires, and reasonable stowage can effectively prevent the abnormal wear of forklift tires and prolong the service life of forklift tires.

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