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How To Maintain Car Tires Daily?

Most car owners know the danger of punctures but do not know the daily maintenance of tires. The tires of the car are like the legs of a person. Therefore, the maintenance of car tires is very important.

How to maintain car tires?

1. Appropriate tire pressure

The standard air pressure of general tires is 2.2~2.6bar. However, each car manufacturer has special regulations on tire pressure, please follow the signs and never exceed the maximum value. Too low or too high tire pressure will affect the life of the tire itself and fuel consumption, which is not conducive to the maintenance of automobile tires. Too high tire pressure will concentrate the body weight on the center of the tread, resulting in rapid wear of the center of the tread and easy tire blowout. If the tire pressure is too low, it is easy to make the tire contact area uneven, increase the wear, increase the rolling resistance, and increase fuel consumption. The left and right tire pressures should be the same. When the tire pressure on one side is too low, the vehicle will deviate to this side during driving and braking.

2. Tire cleanliness

Always check the cleaning of the tires to see if there are foreign objects such as small stones or sharp objects. It can be seen that the maintenance of car tires requires more care.

3. Driving degree

Choose a good road for driving; for the road with potholes, if the tires of the car are often driven in these places, it is very unfavorable for the maintenance of the tires; and it is very easy to scratch.

4. Parking location

Parking on a flat ground, parking on a flat ground will be more conducive to the maintenance of the car tires than parking on a slope, because parking on a slope still depends on the grip of the tires to keep still, which is easy to cause friction on the tire surface. Therefore, we should try to put The car is parked on the ground.

5. Tire replacement

Four-wheel rotation is more conducive to the maintenance of automobile tires. When the vehicle is driven for a long time, it will inevitably be subjected to different degrees of side wear at a certain position. The four-wheel rotation can just make the tire wear evenly. The usual spare tire is also a good choice, usually placed under the trunk floor, hung under the rear of the car, and fixed outside the trunk door (JEEP and SUV, etc.).

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