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How Much Do You Know About Aircraft Tires?

The shape of the aircraft is huge, but its wheels are small. Compared with the huge fuselage, its tires can only be described as "mini". But the magic is, why can a small aircraft tire carry a fuselage of hundreds of tons? Uncover the "mystery" of aircraft tires today.

1. Are the aircraft tires solid tires or pneumatic tires?

Aircraft tires are not solid, but hollow, and they have also inflated tires, but the tires are filled with different gases according to different aircraft models and flight speeds. The most common ones are nitrogen and argon. If the flight speed of the plane is low, the tires will be filled with nitrogen to match the flight of the plane, but if it is a high-speed flight, argon is needed.

2. What material are aircraft tires made of?

The material used to make tires is rubber. This rubber material is different from ordinary materials on the market. Its manufacturing process is relatively cumbersome and takes a long time. Not only must it withstand temperatures below minus 40°C and above 71°C, but It will also take another 24 hours to finally complete the production of the tire.

In fact, if the tires of the aircraft are designed to be larger, its load-bearing capacity will naturally be stronger, but since the tires are also part of the take-off weight of the aircraft, in order to relieve the take-off pressure of the aircraft and make it more fuel-efficient, countries will Aircraft tires are designed to be as small as possible. Of course, when people build airplanes, they also know that the weight of the fuselage is very heavy, so in order to make the small tires bear the weight, a lot of effort has been put into it.

When the aircraft is in contact with the ground, the tires will generate a lot of heat due to friction, so the tires of the aircraft have super high-temperature resistance, and when friction occurs with the ground, this tire has low heat generation. When a fighter plane lands, its stamping pressure will reach several gigapascals, so it has super high impact resistance. The sidewall of an aircraft is much thicker than that of a car tire, and its wear resistance is relatively better.

3. Are airliner tires not afraid of skidding without transverse patterns?

Aircraft tires are mainly longitudinal straight grooves, it has no transverse grooves, and the straight grooves extending along the circumferential direction can be clearly seen on the tread, while the tread of ordinary car tires not only has straight grooves but also transverse grooves. Grooves, the patterns of the two are various. In fact, the texture on the tire is not for good looks, nor for "coolness", but to ensure performance.

When a civil airliner lands, the impact force on the runway is as high as several hundred tons, which puts great pressure on the tires, causing great deformation and wear. At this time, if you add horizontal lines to the aircraft tires, the strong impact and friction during landing will easily tear the horizontal lines on the tires, reduce the service life of the tires, and bring safety hazards. Friction prevents the aircraft from skidding off the runway during takeoff and landing.

Generally speaking, an aircraft tire can be used for about 200 flights under normal conditions. Once the tire wear exceeds the standard, it needs to be taken out for maintenance. Refurbish the worn tread. After refurbishment, it can continue to be used. After using it to a certain extent, it can be maintained again. A tire can be used for 5-6 cycles. When the tire is worn to the point where the second layer of the curtain is exposed, it means that the tire It's time to scrap.

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