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A Brief Introduction To The Classification And Use Of Solid Tires

The solid tire is a kind of tire corresponding to the pneumatic tire (hollow tire). The earliest tires were solid tires. Solid tires are currently only used for high-load vehicles or machinery that travel at low speeds, and also for machinery in fixed positions.

Solid tires are generally divided into two types: bonded and non-bonded. The former refers to tires whose rubber is directly vulcanized on the rim, and the latter refers to tires that are vulcanized and then fixed on the rim.

According to shape, it is divided into cylindrical solid tire and inclined bottom solid tire; according to use, it is divided into the antistatic, conductive, oil-resistant, high-load solid tire, and environmentally friendly non-marking solid tire.


A specially made tire, mainly suitable for special vehicles such as anti-riot vehicles, cash transport vehicles, anti-terrorism vehicles, engineering vehicles, forestry machinery, and so on.

Solid tires are generally used under high loads, and the rubber compound is required to have sufficient pressure resistance and wear resistance, high enough tensile stress, high hardness, low permanent deformation, and good wear resistance.

A solid tire is an industrial tire suitable for running vehicles under low-speed and high-load harsh conditions. Its safety, durability, and economy are obviously better than pneumatic tires. It is widely used in various industrial vehicles, military vehicles, construction machinery. , towed vehicles in ports and airports, etc.

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